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The Mysterious 'Kofun' Tombs of Japan.

Daisen kofun

Hanzei-Ryo kofun

Itasuke kofun

Nisanzai kofun

Richu-Ryo kofun

Satellite Image

'Kofun' 古墳 are vast Megalithic tombs consisting of large, keyhole-shaped tumuli, inferred to have been built to serve as Imperial mausoleums. It is thought they were constructed between the early 3rd century and the early 7th century AD.

The Largest of the tombs, the 'Daisen Kofun' (the World's Largest Grave by area) is believed to be the grave of the Emperor Nintoku the 16th Emperor of Japan. It is three-tiered and is surrounded by 3 moats. Measuring 486 meters long, 305 meters wide 'frontage' and about 33 meters in height.

In comparison the base of Great Pyramid of Giza is approx 230 x 230 metres (see diagram).


Clams Casino - I'm God


How did you know?
It's what I always wanted
Could never have too many of these
Well you, quit kicking me under the table
I'm trying; will somebody make her shut up about it?
Can we settle down please?

Vandalaze - Vessel And Church



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Great Skies

Where You Should Be

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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The Return - Ennio Morricone


Lush Morricone track, from the Terrence Malick film 'Days of Heaven' (1978)

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All I do is Dream

Volor Flex

Faint Hope

The Sign

Fake Love

♥♥♥♥♥ Volor Flex ...The Russians, truly smashing it to bits!

From the new album 'My Story' ♥

Volor Flex - My Story

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Lost in Taiga

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19-Tracks of audial bliss from Nocow & Hmot.

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