Wednesday 9 March 2011

Chemical Records

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Tuesday 8 March 2011


A real oldie this one, created when I was 19. It's interesting to note how busy and complicated my early works were, in comparison to my current material. The developmental and stylistic shift came in 2003 when I felt and realised in order to learn and create something entirely new, I was going to have to give up what I already knew. Although ultimately accepting in the process the maxim that, 'there is Nothing new under the Sun' my intention was to attempt to create a style which didn't borrow or need to heavily reference other styles, with the sole intention of maybe ending up with a style which wasn't simply a demonstration of my taste or worse a simple pastiche of Artists work I rate and admire. Although I have to admit by choosing minimalism and simplicity as a method I readily accepted I was going to be swimming against the current somewhat, mostly due to the ever present contemporary obsession with complexity and over elaboration in Art. Sometimes the path of least resistance isn't always the correct one, at least not for me : )

"If we find something that is simply loaded with ornamentation and decoration, in the most brilliant colours and terrible confusion, this obviously represents a masterpiece. This is the way we view life, 'Complexity' becomes value to the uninformed, if it is difficult it is good" Manly P. Hall

Saturday 5 March 2011


Glyphs seem to be evolving again : )