Sunday 12 June 2011

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Friday 3 June 2011

Chibalove in The Canteen..

Taken from 1Loveart Blog :-

We are hanging a stunning new body of affordable sized canvases from Chibalove on the 1love wall at The Canteen Bar, Stokes Croft, this Friday (4th June).

Chibaloves’ style centres on feminine, doll-like figures in dream-like settings, usually accompanied with a sometimes obscure symbolic/ mystic undercurrent.

This Friday evening – ROOTS PRESCRIPTION will be playing their heavyweight roots and dub from the DFA ringrang Stable at the canteen….

Gig starts at 10pm so come see the art, stay for a drink and enjoy the gig

For more details check or email

Team Chiba will be painting at Upfest on Saturday….

Thursday 2 June 2011

Popol Vuh - Aguirre I (L'acrime di rei)

Terry Riley - A Rainbow in a curved air

Koyaanisqatsi - finale

Nymphs and other things...

'6 Nymphs' 6x 15x30cm

‎'Nymphs' from Wiki :- A nymph in Greek mythology is a female minor nature deity typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from gods, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters of the Greek polis. They dwell in mountains and groves, by springs and rivers, and also in trees and in valleys and cool grottoes. Although they would never die of old age nor illness, and could give birth to fully immortal children if mated to a god; they themselves were not necessarily immortal, and could be beholden to death in various forms.

'Nymph One' Signed reverse.

Neko 25x30cm

'Cartouches' 3x 15x20cm

'Nymphs 001 & 002' 2x 20x20cm