Friday 14 November 2014

Johnny Jewel's Soundcloud

Johnny Jewel's Soundcloud has been a hive of activity of late. Featuring amongst others, unreleased, alternative versions of tracks by Chromatics, Symmetry and 3 tracks from Johnny Jewel himself. All tracks are free to download.

Recent Uploads :

Johnny Jewel - End Credits 4:38
Chromatics - Red Car 4:23
Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor 6:09
Johnny Jewel - Mr. Midnight 2:34
Chromatics - I Can't Keep Running 6:24 (Alternative version of 'Cherry')
Chromatics - Blue Moon 3:46 (Features on Mixed Collage Running from the Sun)
Johnny Jewel - The Last Dance 3:14
Chromatics - At Your Door (8 Track Version) 3:17
Chromatics - Camera (Instrumental) 4:30
Glass Candy - Beautiful Object 5:04
Symmetry - Blood Sport (Trick Or Treat Anthem) 3:41
Chromatics - Ceremony 6:13
Mirage - Lady Operator 5:38
Chromatics - Tomorrow Is So Far Away 7:06
Twisted Wires - Half Lives 4:38
Symmetry - Uptown Rain 1:51
Chromatics - Lady 3:07
Chromatics - I'm on Fire 4:05

Johnny Jewel: Soundcloud


Tuesday 4 November 2014

Under The Skin (2013) Soundtrack by Mica Levi

A selection of tracks composed by Mica Levi for the OST of
spectacular Sci-Fi thriller Under The Skin (2013).

I.    Lipstick to Void  6.41
II.  Alien Loop          7:20
III. Love                    5:10

Mica Levi

2001: A Space Odyssey - A Look Behind the Future (1966)

Fascinating mid-60's short documentary film that explores the making of and production of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 Masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey and it's impact on the 60's view of the future.

Mysteriously, although the documentary features interviews with 2001's main star Keir Dullea and Science Fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, the documentary does not feature an interview with the films Director Stanley Kubrick.