Saturday, 17 November 2012

'This is not Brick Lane'

The Australian Street Artist Anthony Lister was in Newcastle this week, for his 'Unslung Heroes' show at Lazarides gallery. Expectedly, as well as the show he created a number of his characteristic street art expressionist creations in various locations across the city.

In two of these locations, it would appear Lister made the faux pass of 'going over' the work of two local Graffiti artists. One of which happened to be veritable North East Graffiti legend Inch, where a decidedly Hitler-esque looking character was added to a 'inchs' piece at a Writers Hall of Fame. The other was by Shadee of infamous crew Figs at a long occupied spot above a Barbershop. Needless to say, both writers responded to the percieved effrontery, accordingly.

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