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Children of the Stones (1977)

Cult masterpiece Children of The Stones is an English 70's children's Folk Horror drama television series directed and produced by Peter Graham Scott and written and created by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray. The series follows the adventures of physics professor Adam Brake and his young son Matthew after they move to small village of Millbury which is situated in the midst of a large megalithic stone circle with the purpose of studying the Magnetic Fields of the Stones themselves. Despite the series being aimed at children, the show features a surprisingly complex plot and the clever use of  scientific concepts. The iconic and atmospherically discordant music featured in the series was the work of composer Sidney Sager who utilised the talents of  the Ambrosian Singers to chant in accordance with the megalithic rituals referred to in the story, adding to the mysterious and eerie feel of the series.

The external scenes were filmed in the Summer of 1976 in Avebury, Wiltshire, the site of the largest Stone Circle in Europe, while the building interiors were shot at HTV's studio in Bristol.

The series is generally regarded to be one of the scariest programmes ever made for children.

Originally Broadcast January 10, 1977 - February 21, 1977.


1. Into the Circle
2.Circle of Fear
3.Serpent in the Circle
4.Narrowing Circle
5.Charmed Circle
6.Squaring the Circle
7.Full Circle

Complete running time 2hrs 31mins.

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