Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jackson Pollock by Hans Namuth (1950)

Iconic Documentary Film by German born Photographer Hans Namuth on Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock shot outside Pollock's Long Island home in 1950.

The filming of this Documentary, famously brought Namuth's and Pollock's 5 month relationship to an abrupt end in November 1950, as the filming is believed to have changed Pollock's view of his own paintings. For the most part, it is thought, the contrived start, stop nature of the film making process, robbed Pollock of his rawness and spontaneity, making Pollock feel disingenuous about doing things for the camera.

It was also suggested by Art critic Jonathan Jones that by framing Pollock's work in the larger surrounding landscape, it destroyed Pollock's view that his paintings were 'boundless'. From then on, Pollock departed from his traditional style and reverted to a more figure-oriented style of painting.

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The Film also features a score by Morton Feldman.

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