Friday, 10 May 2013

Hiatus Soundtrack Mix


"The guys at Beatnik Online gave me free reign to compile a mix showcasing my musical influences. The result is this 50-minute mix of some of my favourite film scores from the 80s to the present day." - Hiatus



1. Ry Cooder: Houston In Two Seconds (Paris, Texas)
2. Max Richter: The Haunted Ocean 1 (Waltz With Bashir)
3. Jon Hopkins: Candles (Monsters)
4. Vangelis: Damask Rose (Blade Runner)
5. Thomas Newman: Angela Undress (American Beauty)
6. Cliff Martinez: We Don't Have To Think Like That Anymore (Solaris)
7. Angelo Badalamenti: Theme From Twin Peaks (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)
8. Gustavo Santaolalla: Lait (Biutiful)
9. Michael Andrews: Carpathian Ridge (Donnie Darko)
10. Antony Partos: Animal Kingdom Theme (Animal Kingdom)
11. Neil Young: Guitar Solo 5 (Dead Man)
12. Jon Brion: Peer Pressure (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind)
13. The Cinematic Orchestra: Dawn (Man With A Movie Camera)
14. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: What Must Be Done (The Assassination Of Jesse James)
15. Craig Armstrong: Slow Movement (Romeo + Juliet)
16. Thomas Newman: Road To Perdition (Road To Perdition)
17. Wojciech Kilar: Love Remembered (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
18. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Sorya Market (The Girls Of Phnom Penh)
19. Michael Nyman: The Embrace (The Piano)
20: Brian Eno: Prophecy Theme (Dune)
21: Hans Zimmer: A Way Of Life (The Last Samurai)
22. Jonny Greenwood: Open Spaces (There Will Be Blood)
23: Gustavo Santaolalla: Tema Amores Perros + Atacama (Amores Perros)


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