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FADER TV: Interview

I have to admit, I'm currently obsessed ♥ with Grimes : )

Without question some of the most exciting material I've heard ...in like, well ...forever ♥ I've posted a selection of faves, but in all honesty I would have been happy to post her entire available back catalogue from Youtube : )

'Rachel Grimes' is apparently the stage name of Claire Boucher. A
insanely talented 22-year-old self-taught musician from Montreal. See interview, as you can probably gather
from her Music, she's way smart, funny and ridiculously Coooool.

She also paints! : ) See

You can Download 2 of her Albums 'Halfaxa' and (Dune Inspired) 'Geidi Primes' for free, or if you're feelin' flush, a donation from Arbutus Records

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