Monday, 26 April 2010

Now available @ BOREAL

If the sound of hand made, limited edition pocket art is of interest to you, check out these new wallet designs I recently produced for 'BOREAL' There are 3 designs currently available 'Chi Chi' 'Molly' and 'Love Mosaic' with 2 more 'Isis' and 'Neo Eve' coming soon. x


  1. Its so difficult to adequately express my utter joy, admiration and awe after viewing all the art you created here and on your website; its as though language just drips off your images and forms a pool of trans-linguistic silence.
    I guess sometimes the point of art is to leave the viewer speechless and you have certainly achieved that!
    All your art is so exquistely conceptualised & realised, the act of viewing becomes almost a visceral experience of pure pleasure as the aesthetic of Studio Ghibli isomorphs into the visual language & style of Banksy, Futura 2000 and a thousand and one anonymous graffiti artists coupled with a delicacy & flawlessness of design that evokes Aubrey Beardsley....

    Now the hard part is deciding which wallet out out of the five designs you have done is destined to keep my bio-survival tickets safe....maybe I should collect the set and become the Imelda Marcos of arty money holders :)

  2. Can't say I've ever recieved a comment, on the subect and nature of my Artwork, of this flatteringly spectacular calibre. One exuding and demonstrating such a breath taking level of articulacy and erudition.

    My 'lowbrow' artworks hardly seem worthy of such generous comparisons and kind praise.

    I'm left somewhat speechless by this comment.

    Thank You T.S.P : )

    P.S 'The Imelda Marcos of arty money holders' Hilarious !!! : D