Sunday, 7 March 2010

Paper Babes

A1 sized chibalove Paste Up's, for an exciting up and coming project : )


  1. For every single mind-numbing soul destroying consumerist advertisment the trans-national corporations plaster on the walls and billboards of our cities, they should be legally obliged to put up an equal number of art works such as these....I loved the photos from Brazil, they work so well as striking street art, the way they capture the gaze; your girls certainly get around ;)

    Is there anywhere I can buy these from? I would love to strategically plaster them over a few billboards here in Nottingham!

  2. Lol, They cetainly travel far more extensively than I do : D

    I hadn't ever thought of having the paste up's for sale, but bizarrely you are actually the second person to ask this month : )

    Thanks for the great comment T.S.P